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Academic Advising Manual

All NSU students are required to have an academic advisor. The academic advisor is to
consult with the student and approve an agreed-upon course of study prior to each registration. Furthermore, it is Norfolk State University's policy to provide high-quality academic advising
for an ethnically and culturally diverse student population, equipping them with the capability
to ensure their retention and progress toward graduation, to fully realize opportunities opened
by higher education; and to build a solid foundation for life-long academic, personal, and career successes.

In keeping with the University's mission, the primary purpose of academic advising is: (1) to help
NSU students identify academic goals and develop meaningful educational plans that are
compatible with career and academic aspirations, (2) to provide adequate educational support
and encouragement for students to take advantage of both in- and out-of class educational experiences, (3) to develop students to become responsible, productive, selfdirected life-long learners, and (4) to provide the information and educational support necessary to ensure
student retention and progress toward graduation.

Ideally, students would seek and obtain academic advising on a regular basis throughout their academic careers. Minimally, advising revolves around the following five key pivotal points
(1) when the student enters the university, (2) when the student enters the major, (3) when
the student drops or changes the major, (4) when the student experiences academic
difficulty, including probation, and (5) when the student prepares to graduate and move beyond
study at NSU.

It is within the scope of these six pivotal points that the NSU Academic Advising Manual is
developed. What follows are specific guidelines and resources for students, faculty, departments
and administrators to ensure that students and the university community alike maximize the
benefits of the NSU academic advising programs.


This version of the Academic Advising Manual is currently undergoing
editing/revision, reformatting and additions to chapters. To provide feedback, please post your comments or suggestions at the Forum or send your comments to Patrice Smith (, Chair, Academic Advising Manual Committee.


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