Assessment Manual



The Final Report of the Governor's Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education
(February 2000) called for the creation of a plan to 1) define core competencies for
(a) written communications, (b) oral communications, (c) quantitative reasoning,
(d) scientific reasoning, (e) critical thinking, and (f) technology skills (later to be
defined in terms of information literacy); 2) identify measures to assess students' knowledge
and skills; and 3) provide a vehicle to present results publicly.

Oversight of the core competency assessment at NSU is the responsibility of Academic
Affairs through the University Assessment Advisory Committee and Core Competency
Task Groups. Although, assessment of the Core Competencies is state-mandated, Core
Competency Task Groups develop an assessment process that is appropriate for NSU
students and faculty as well as consistent with NSU's mission to equip students with the
capability to become productive citizens. Currently, student competency in writing, technology
and information literacy, quantitative reasoning, scientific reasoning, critical thinking, and oral communicaion  is assessed on a regular basis.

Written Communication (WC)

Information Technology Literacy (ITL)

Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
2007-2008 Administration and link the QR assessment plan

Scientific Reasoning (SR)

Critical Thinking (CT)

Oral Communicaiton (OC)

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