Assessment Manual



The purpose of unit assessment is to determine the extent to which a university
unit is effective in meeting university-wide and program goals and to document use
of information for decision-making and improvement.

Unit assessment is an ongoing process that runs on an annual cycle and includes the
following steps:

1) developing an assessment plan,
2) implementing the plan,
3) assessing and documenting progress in meeting the goals and outcomes,
4) identifying "lessons learned,"
5) using what was learned to refine teaching and learning processes, and
6) reporting progress annually.

Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA), in collaboration with the University Assessment
Advisory Committee, has developed a set of guidelines for developing and implementing annual reports. IEA provides assistance in developing the assessment reports.

•Guidelines for Structuring Assessment Plans and Reports

Assessment Report Structure
Assessment Report Evaluation Rubric
Placement Reporting Format

Tips for Developing Annual Assessment Reports

Assessment Report Summary Template for Academic Programs

Faculty Qualifications / Course learning Outcomes Matrix


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